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The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund is grateful to each and every donor who has contributed to the Fund over the years.  Every amount goes to help worthy students and their families lessen the burden of high college costs.

Every single contribution is important and is appreciated. 


However, over the lifetime of the Fund, there have been certain large contributors who deserve special recognition for their special generosity.


Major donors who have significantly contributed to the Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund include:


Platinum Patrons:  Marvin Ashner, Michael DiSeveria,  James Klinghoffer,

The Lazovitz Family,  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mericle,  Meghan Nelson, Robert and Lisa Stern, Steven and Andrea Tannenbaum and The Toner Family.


Golden Givers: Maripeg Bruder,  Stephen Cozen,  Allan Domb,  Joseph & Anna Eldred, Gary & Vicki Erlbaum, John & Kristen Kahn, Vicki Gold Levi, Dorothy McGee, Herb and Faith Stern, George and Debbie Miller, Schultz-Hill Foundation and Anthony Zingarelli.

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