Longport Scholarship Awardees 2021

The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund announces its awards for 2021. A total of $22,250 was awarded to 16 Longport students who graduated high school in 2021 or who were currently in college or graduate school. The money will go toward tuition for the 2021 Fall semester. Awards are based on student academic performance, standardized tests, extracurricular activities, work history, career objectives, and financial circumstances. Award winners will be publicly presented at the June 16 Longport Commission meeting.

The recipients are as follows:

Pacifico Agnellini - will graduate from Ocean City High School this year and will attend the University of South Carolina in the Fall. He enjoys sports and has worked at his own small business and as a lifeguard. He looks forward to a career in investment banking or real estate.

Sophia Gresham – is a student at Rowan University. She is active in sports and desires to be a sports coach and work in the field of health and physical education. She participates in track and field.

Ethan Kramer – is enrolled at the Law School of Widener University. He is regularly on the Dean’s List and has worked in various local businesses.

Luke Kramer – attends Boston University and is studying in the field of health care. He enjoys sports and has worked as a lifeguard and as a volunteer at the Shore Medical Center.

Owen Kramer – is a merit scholar at Widener University, with a career goal in law enforcement. He has volunteered at the local food bank, plays varsity football, and has worked in local retail and restaurants.

Christian Kuhn – is a student at the University of Delaware majoring in computer science and will pursue a career in software engineering. He is on varsity sports, has worked locally and volunteers for various charities.

Kallista Kuhn – is at the University of Delaware taking business courses and desires to work in fashion merchandising. She enjoys horse riding, lacrosse, volunteering, and has worked in local retail.

Alanna Larson – will attend Charleston University Law School in the Fall. She would like to specialize in intellectual property law. She has been a legal intern and paralegal and has worked at local restaurants and local charities.

Aspen Lawler – is a junior merit scholar at Lynn University. She is majoring in psychology and anticipates a career in teaching and counseling. She is active in various sports and has worked in area restaurants.

Katie McClintock – will graduate high school this year and attend the University of Wisconsin in the Fall. She is a champion competitive high school swimmer and the New Jersey 2020 “Swimmer of the Year”. She is also a top academic student. She intends to major in psychology and sports and wants to be a swim coach. She has worked in local retail, coaching, and as a Longport lifeguard and charity volunteer.

Thomas Rafter – is a junior at Villanova University. He is taking courses in finance and desires a career in finance. He participates in various sports and has worked in area retail and restaurants.

Tai Schiavo – is hoping to attend Berklee School of Music and will study music composition. He is an accomplished musician, playing trumpet and piano, loves jazz and has participated in band and chorus. He has also participated in track and field.

Birdie Stewart – is a student at the College of Charleston. She has participated in cross country, track, and tennis, and has worked in recreation and counseling.

Tanner Tomassi – is a student at Rowan University, taking courses in business management. He is captain of the tennis team and has started two paintball companies. He is active in history, leadership, and academic clubs and volunteers in Longport activities.

Kai Tripician – is a student at Wesleyan University. He takes a range of liberal arts classes and may pursue

a career in the environmental field. He is active in math and history clubs, has been a tutor, surfs, and has worked in area businesses.

Nalu Tripician – is a Wesleyan University student taking computer science courses with a goal to work in the field of film and computer science. He surfs, paddleboards, and sails. He has tutored and worked at local retail and restaurants. He has volunteered at the food bank.

Longport Scholarship Fund Awards 2020


The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund announces the 2020 annual scholarship awards.  A total of $20,000 was awarded to fourteen Longport applicants, the largest number of students and the largest dollar amount to date.  Winners were selected at a recent Zoom board meeting. 

The $20,000 is geared to helping fourteen students and their families in these difficult times in which a health crisis has exacerbated financial pressures.  All awardees have strong academic performance, extra-curricular participation and community involvement, area work experience, and burdensome college costs.  Three families have two or more young people in college at the same time.


The list follows:

  • Raquel Gresham – Currently attends Thomas Jefferson University in a post-baccalaureate program to prepare her for medical school.  She plans to become a doctor.

  • Sophia Gresham – Attends Rowan University.  She is pursuing a career in the field of health and physical education with the intent of becoming an elementary school teacher.

  • Shane Kirby – Graduates from Ocean City High School this year and will attend Western Carolina University.  He plans to study computer science to become a computer programmer.

  • Ethan Kramer – Attends Widener University Delaware Law School.  He plans to return to South Jersey to pursue his legal career.

  • Luke Kramer – Graduates Ocean City High School this year.  He plans to attend Boston University.  He has volunteered at local hospitals and plans to pursue a career in medicine.

  • Owen Kramer – Attends Widener University and is studying criminal justice.  He is interested in a career in law enforcement.

  • Christian Kuhn – Attends University of Delaware.  He is interested in computer science and the field of cybersecurity.

  • Kallista Kuhn – Attends University of Delaware.  She is taking courses in fashion merchandising and environmental sustainability.

  • Aspen Lawler – Will continue her college studies at Lynn University.  She is studying psychology with the goal of becoming a counselor.

  • Maclain McAllister – Graduates this year from Ocean City High School.  He will attend the University of North Carolina, Wilmington.  He is interested in a degree in secondary education and a career as a high school teacher.

  • Thomas Rafter – Attends Villanova University, majoring in finance with a minor in economics and business analytics.  He is interested in a career in investment banking.

  • Tanner Tomassi – Attends Rowan University. Tanner is studying business management and has already started two small businesses.

  • Kai Tripician – Graduates from Ocean City High School this year.  Kai plans to attend Wesleyan University.  Kai will pursue courses in liberal arts, including environmental studies.

  • Nalu Tripician – Attends Wesleyan University.  Nalu is majoring in computer science with a minor in film and is interested in several challenging career possibilities, including medicine, computer science, and aerospace.


Please join us in congratulating this group of accomplished students, and in wishing them success in their college years and in their careers.

The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund is supported by year-round and seasonal residents of Longport. 


From its first awards in 2007 through 2020, it has awarded 75 grants totaling $110,000.  Donations may be mailed to Lynn Baumgardner, Treasurer, at 3210 Atlantic Avenue, Longport, NJ 08403, or may be made by credit card or Paypal on the website: longportscholarshipfund.com   The board consists of Herb Stern President, Carl Tripician Vice President, Lynn Baumgardner, Treasurer, Kristen Towbin, Secretary, Dorothy McGee, Patrick Armstrong, and Robert Stern.

2019 Scholarship Winners Announced!

The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund is proud to announce that this year's scholarship winners have been selected!  Thanks to many generous donations in memory of Board President Herb Stern's late wife, Faith, the Board was able to award the most number of winners (13!) for the largest total amount in scholarships ($15,000) ever.  A sincere thank you to all of our donors this year.


We invite you to join in recognizing these students and their families at the June 5th Commissioner's Meeting, Borough Hall, at 4:30 PM:

Raquel Grisham

Sophia Grisham

Ethan Kramer

Owen Kramer

Wyatt Kramer

Christian Kuhn

Kallista Kuhn

Georgina McGuckin

Michael O'Leary

Thomas Rafter

Tanner Tomassi

Nalu Tripician

Natalie Viso

2018 Scholarship Presentation Ceremony

The officers and directors of TheHerb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund proudly introduced 2018’s scholarship recipients to the public at the May 16, 2018 Commissioner’s Meeting at Longport Borough Hall.  Seven recipients received a total of $12,500 in scholarships this year – the largest amount given in the 12 years the fund has been operating – bringing the grand total of awards to $64,000.  These awards are given to Longport student residents graduating high school or currently attending a form of higher education, who demonstrate scholastic achievement, civic leadership, and strong work ethic.


Funding for the scholarships comes from donations from year-round and seasonal residents.  Contributions may be made at any time in honor or in memory of a relative or friend.  Donation checks may be mailed to Longport Scholarship Fund, c/o Treasurer Michael Garvin, 32 S 32nd Avenue, Longport, NJ 08403.  Contributions can also be made on the 

Website:  www.longportscholarshipfund.com.

2018 LPSF Award Winners_edited.jpg


Seated: Board Member Dorothy McGee.

First row, left to right: Parent Karen Tripician, Parent Suzy Lawler, Aspen Lawler, Nalu Tripician, Parent Maria Viso, Parent Donna Ulmer, Tanner Tomassi, Thomas M. Rafter, Jr., Parent Tricia Rafter.

Second row, left to right:  Commissioner & Parent Dan Lawler, Board Member Kristen Towbin, Board President Herb Stern, Board Member Patrick Armstrong, Board Secretary Lynn Baumgardner, Board Vice-President Carl Tripician, Board Treasurer Michael Garvin, Parent Pam Tomassi.

Scholarship Spotlight - Aspen Lawler

Aspen Lawler is one of the 2018 Longport Scholarship Gold Level Award Winners.  Aspen is known by teachers, family, and friends as a driven academic.  She was recognized as the top female student at OCHS two years running, National Honor Society Treasurer, and was listed on the Academic Distinguished Honor Roll for all 4 years of her high school career.  She’s equally driven in athletics - a surfing fanatic, Aspen was Captain of the OCHS Surf Team and competed in two Nationals surf competitions.  She was also a member of both the Field Hockey and Lacrosse teams. 


Currently, Aspen is attending University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont.  She intends to pursue a degree in Biostatistics – a major that fuses biological medical research with analytics, in order to ensure accuracy in reporting experimental research data. 

Pictured: Suzy, Tyler, Aspen, & Dan Lawler (plus pup Oakley) at Aspen's Graduation.

Aspen Lawler Family_edited.jpg