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Our Mission

The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund will:

  • Provide and administer funds to award for scholarships for deserving Longport students.

  • Further the education of Longport residents and children of Longport residents.

  • Assist in the financial mix of monies available to students beginning or continuing the post-high school education, or to adult students furthering their schooling.

  • Encourage students of intellectual  promise, promote civic leadership, encourage social responsibility and good character in students.

  • Administer all funds in a prudent manner.

  • Preserve the fund's balance and help it grow in a responsible way.


Our History

Inspiration for the Fund


Efforts to establish The Longport Scholarship Fund took almost a decade of group work, by what was then the Longport Board of Education.  


Led by Board President Herb Stern and Board Attorney George Miller, the fund finally came to life thanks to endless hours of work by board members Lynn Baumgardner, Debbie Sykes, Dorothy McGee, and Linda Cunningham Bakaj.


Former County Clerk Michael Garvin, former Assemblyman Frank Blee, and former State Senator Bill Gormley also provided incredible support.


501(c) 3 Status


The Longport Educational Foundation, Inc. officially incorporated and recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit group in 2005.  


The fund also beganusiness as The Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund -  without Board President Herb Stern's knowledge - in recognition of his tireless work to establish the fund.

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