The Longport Scholarship Fund announces Awards

totaling $25,000 to 11 Longport students.


    In 2022, the Herb Stern Longport Scholarship Fund announces awards of a total of $25,000 to 11 Longport students who graduated in 2022 or who were already in college or graduate school. Awards were based on student academic performance, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, work history, career objectives, and financial circumstances. 

  Awards are given annually based on contributions from Longport year-round and seasonal residents. Last year’s donations were the highest ever. The 2022 awards bring the total to over $150,000 granted by the Fund over the years.


             Pacifico Agnellini                     Luke Kramer                  Birdie Stewart

             Jeremy Albergo                       Alanna Larson                Kai Tripician

             Eva Engel                               Tyler Lawler                   Nicholas Volpe

             Sophie Gresham                       Tai Schiavo

Pacifico Agnellini 

Sophia Gresham 

Ethan Kramer

Luke Kramer

Owen Kramer

Christian Kuhn

Kallista Kuhn

Alana Larson

Aspen Lawler

Katie McClintock

Thomas Rafter

2021 Awardees

Tai Schiavo

Birdie Stewart

Tanner Tomassi

Kai Tripician

Nalu Tripician